Pet First Aid & CPR


Julie Gonzalez,

Pet Tech 

Pet First Aid Instructor





Upcoming Pet First Aid & CPR Classes for 2018:

June 17, 2018
Plant City, FL

September 22, 2018

Madrid, Spain

Private classes available for groups of 5 or more available at your location.

"Preventable Accidents Are The Leading
Cause of Death & Disability Among Pre-Senior Dogs and Cats."
Thom Somes, "The Pet Safety Guy™"

Why take a Pet First Aid and CPR class? 

Are you a pet sitter, groomer, dog obedience trainer or a pet parent?  This class is for you!

 We teach you how to successfully go from a pet first aid incident to your vet.  We teach you basic pet first aid!  


We teach YOU the BASIC skills to get your loved one from incident to vet.  The Pet First Aid & CPR class covers:


  • P.E.T.A.I.D. - Priorities in Emergency Care
  • Emergency Situations
  • Restraining & Muzzling (hands-on demo)
  • Primary Pet Assessment, ABC's
  • Rescue Breathing (hands-on demo)
  • CPR (hands-on demo)
  • Choking Management, Conscious and Unconscious (hands-on demo)
  • Bleeding Protocols (hands-on demo)



Pet First Aid and CPR class  $69.99





Pet First Aid and CPR
is now 
ECSI Certified!!

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* Pet First Aid & CPR

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